Lord, I’m so thankful for each and every one of these students. They are such blessings. I am thankful that they choose to start their day off focusing on you. I know that the school environment can be difficult, so please provide them with the strength and wisdom to navigate these hallways and classrooms with love, kindness, compassion, and understanding. Help them to guard their tongues and show restraint when needed, and to trust in you and your ways. 

Help them to believe and know that they are perfectly made and that it is okay to be who they want to be. That they don’t have to fit any stereotype. Or be someone they’re not, just to feel liked. Let them feel that they are so loved and valued. 

Lord strengthen us all in accepting joyfully that we are all here to do one thing…”To Serve and Glorify You.” Help us do that, and allow us the opportunity to draw others close to you. 

Lord, I thank you for your love and mercy.

Glory to God,

Mr. P.