Lord, I pray that you help these students realize they have a purpose for serving you. And that they might not know exactly what that is right now, that they stay focused on you, that they make being the best reflection of you in and out of school their purpose. That we in all circumstances show kindness and love to all we encounter.

I ask that you Lord give us fresh vision for your purpose for our lives, that you open the eyes of our hearts and our minds to your vision so that we can live out your purpose. Remove anything from our lives that hinders us from discerning your vision and serving you. Please draw us closer to you with every breath. Reveal to us what we need to do today to maintain our focus on you.

Lord, strengthen these kids in the fact that they are perfectly made and loved by many. That they are Awesome! That it is okay to be who they are.

Glory to God,

Mr. P,