Lord, we Love you. May we lift you up so that you will be glorified through our lives. May we live our lives as a reflection of you. Please strengthen

Lord, we come before you today with gratitude and hope in our hearts. Please strengthen these kids as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of this time in their lives.

I pray in thankfulness, that each of you takes the time to show up each morning to start your day off right, with an acknowledgment of how vital it is

Lord, in your creation you have surrounded us with many mysteries. Please fill us with your Spirit so that we may best know how to function within those mysteries, as

The Jesus that lives in you loves you more than you can ever imagine. He will never leave you or forsake you.  This promise is found many times in the

Lord, I pray for those students as they start their week. Give them protection and safety as they go through each day. Help them to grow and learn throughout their

Lord, I pray for these students. I pray that they may find peace and joy in their lives. I pray that they learn to always Pause, Ponder, and Pray.  

Lord, I pray for the students in my life who are facing difficulties. I pray for strength and courage, and ask that you would give them hope and peace. Help