Lord, I pray that each of us just surrenders to you, Lord. That we give it all up to you and fully trust in you. That you open the eyes of our hearts, that we clearly see the will that you have for our lives. Lord strengthen us in that, so that we may be obedient with our actions. Lord we thank you for all the blessings you’ve provided. May we never forget that everything good and enjoyable in our lives comes from you and is not of our own doing. And may we never forget that you are with us all the moments of our lives, both good and bad. 

Lord in the midst of the busyness of student life, let them never forget how deeply they are Loved by you. Help them to see and show your Love in kindness towards their classmates. Let your Love be a guiding light, leading all of us through the challenges we face, and filling us with the strength to overcome. 

Lord, remind each of them that they are beautifully made by you, and that it’s okay to just be who they are.

Glory to God,

Mr. P.