Lord, we Love you. May we lift you up so that you will be glorified through our lives. May we live our lives as a reflection of you. Please strengthen us so we don’t buy into this fake world where deception is everywhere. Lord, your word tells us that everything will be on display before you. That you will judge the hearts of man. Help us to become people who don’t just claim to be religious but actually change the world through our actions, through our love for you and our neighbors.

Lord bless all these students as they embark on their journeys. Show them that you are the source of all wisdom and understanding. Fill their hearts and minds Lord with that wisdom. 

Lord grant them peace that surpasses all understanding, so that they may navigate the challenges and pressures of their days with a calm assurance. Lord help them to find comfort in your presence. Fill them with confidence and remind them that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Help them to see their potential and the unique gifts you have given them. 

Lord, bless each of them with the determination to persevere, the curiosity to seek knowledge, and the courage to face adversity.

Lord, please let them feel and know they are loved!

Glory to God,

Mr. P.