Lord, please help us as we begin this new school year. Help us to experience your presence in all we do. Open our eyes to the new challenges and opportunities that this year will bring. Help us be mindful of our friends’ and teachers’ needs. Strengthen us in our obedience to be the best versions of ourselves, when they need us. Give us a generous spirit. Help us to be enthusiastic and courageous in all that this new school year will bring. Show us the right path. May we not be influenced by the unwise or deceitful, but by your purposes in all things. Please help guide our choices. 

Lord, please help us all know and believe that we are all wonderfully made and that we all have worth and a purpose. That we all can have an impact for good. 

Lord, help us to be the very best that we can be. Help us to always keep our focus on you. That we see life and every challenge through your eyes. 

I pray that every one of you has an amazing year and that you know you are Loved. I pray you will be rooted and grounded in God’s Love, and trust in him through all things. 

Glory to God,

Mr. P.