Lord, I know school can be a welcoming place or a lonely experience for our students. Please guide them as they seek to be leaders. Encourage those who are timid and give them boldness and strength in knowing they are Loved, unique, and created perfectly by you. 

Please guard these students from those who bully or tease because of their own insecurities. Lord help them to choose friends wisely, always asking you to lead them and guide them in all their relationships. Help them to be slow to anger and quick to listen.

You have promised to give us wisdom when we ask. So prod us to speak up when our words can make a difference. Help us to be a blessing to all those around us, to take initiative in helping others knowing that kindness and unselfishness given will always return as a blessing. 

Lord, thank you for always walking with us. Strengthening and guiding us. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy.

Jesus, thank you for your Sacrifice!

Glory to God,

Mr. P.